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August 12,2023
Ranking top again, impact factor 38.079! Taking 3 years, Tang Shaohua's team from Wenzhou Central Hospital appeared on Cell Discovery as the first writer for their important research results.
There is no shortcut in the exploration of scientific research. The emergence of an important result cannot be separated from years of practical research and persistence of researchers.Recently, a high-level,full-lengthresearch paper entitled Enhanced Inflammation and Suppressed Adaptive Immunity COVID-19 with Prolonged RNA Sheddinghas been published online on Cell Discovery (impact factor 38.079) by Tang Shaohuas team from Wenzhou Central Hospital, in collaboration with Westlake University. The …
May 10,2023
Wenzhou Central Hospital was selected as one of the first batch National Pilot Units for Standardized Treatment of Thyroid Cancers.
Recently, National Cancer Center issued a document that National Thyroid Cancer Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment Pilot Unit Construction Project declared by Surgical Oncology Department of Wenzhou Central Hospital has been officially declared to be successful, and Wenzhou Central Hospital has been included in the list of the first batch of standardized diagnosis and treatment pilot units of thyroid cancers in China.It is known that National Cancer Center has finally determined the first 50 pi…
September 8,2016
Doctors at Wenzhou Central Hospital have developed world's first genetic database for hereditary bone diseases.
Using high-tech means such as gene sequencing, doctors at Wenzhou Central Hospital and Wenzhou Prenatal Diagnostic Center developed and built a genetic database for hereditary bone diseases, which was published on an international journal last week. This means that in the future, medical staff from different countries can find disease causes in the genetic database of hereditary bone diseases, so as to provide accurate treatment. The research is said to be the first international multifunctional …
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Wenzhou Central Hospital
Founded in 1897, Wenzhou Central Hospital (The Second Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University) is one of the three famous century-old hospitals in Zhejiang Province. As a general Grade-A tertiary hospital, it has grown from Dihgley Hospital, Blyth Hospital, Wenzhou Second Peoples Hospital, to Wenzhou Central Hospital, playing an important role in the medical industry of Wenzhou, and continuing the depth of the history of Wenzhou as well. In recent years, the hospital has successively become We…
Wenzhou Oncology Hospital
Wenzhou Oncology Hospital was built in 1985 and officially put into use in 1987. It is one of the only two specialized oncology hospitals in Zhejiang Province, and is the earliest hospital that conducts integrated treatment of tumors by adopting radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery in our city. Wenzhou Tumor Prevention and Control Office, Wenzhou Anti-cancer Association, Wenzhou Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment Quality Control Center, Wenzhou Tumor Radiotherapy Center, and Wenzhou Gynecological On…
Wenzhou Sixth People's Hospital
Wenzhou Sixth Peoples Hospital, one of the three core member units of Wenzhou Central Hospital Group, is a specialist hospital that mainly conducts diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. It is a standardized training base for resident doctors, with professional teams engaging in clinical medicine, teaching and scientific research. It sets up Hepatology Department, Tuberculosis Department, General Internal Medicine Department, ICU and other departments. It has a municipal key discipline g…
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