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Time:2023/8/7 9:38:49

Founded in July 1998, Intensive Care Medicine Department of Wenzhou Central Hospital has achieve steady growthby laying a solid foundation after 24 years of development.Because of the strength, it has become the Standing Committee Unit of Extracorporeal Life Support Specialized Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Physicians' Society, the Allied Unit of Zhejiang Provincial Critical Blood Purification Specialized Committee, the Main Committee Unit of Wenzhou Critical Rehabilitation, and Wenzhou Key Specialty, etc. It has also won good reputation in critical care. At present, the ICU of Bailifang Branch of Intensive Care Medicine Department has 20 beds, and the ICU of Shuangyu Branch has 17 beds, which are equipped with precise bedside monitoring, advanced life support equipment and critical care rescue system. At present, there are 2 professors and 3 associate professors. With comprehensive critical care rescue techniques, the department is capable of dealing with various types of emergencycritical patients to implement timely, effective and uninterrupted monitoring and treatment so as to guard the last defense line of the green life channel.

In recent years, the department has been vigorously developing extracorporeal life support technology, of which, the "life-saving weapon" ECMO technology, has created many miracles of lifein the battlefield of critical care.The ECMO team is well-trained and skilled, and in the past two years the department has successfully carried out more than 60 cases of ECMO technology, involving ECPR, VA-ECMO, VV-ECMO, VAV-ECMO and other modes, and moved the "life-saving weapon" to the emergency and pre-hospital sites to participate in the rescue treatment. The clinical treatment scope includes acute myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock, pulmonary embolism, severe myocarditis, stress-induced cardiomyopathy, ECPR, severe pneumonia, ARDS, severe pulmonary contusion and so on. At present, all the medical and nursing staff of Intensive Care Medicine Department will, as always, "improve quality internally and foster image externally", and take "high efficiency, precision management, good quality" as the goal to better serve the people of Wenzhou.

After entering the new century, the important position of critical care medicine in clinical medical care has become more and more prominent, and the improvement of technical ability can better save emergency patients and safeguard the perioperative critically ill patients. Wenzhou Central Hospital was the first to carry out ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) technology in Wenzhou, creating many textbook-type rescues.In 2016, it began to send personnel for further training to learn ECMO technology.In 2019, the hospital successfully set up an ECMO team to create a year-round, 24-hour on-call ECMO emergency team. Over the past two years, the ECMO team has traveled to Yongjia, Yueqing, Pingyang, Cangnan, Wenling, Yuhuan, etc., often staging the miracles of saving critically ill patients between the lifelines.

Up to now, it has successfully carried out hundreds of cases of patient treatment, and has been reported by national, provincial and municipal media such as People's Daily, Making China Strong through Learning, Zhejiang Daily, Wenzhou Daily and so on. At the same time, using real-life CPR, trauma white lung and other treatment cases as templates, the company has filmed three party propaganda films, "Beginner's Heart", "Relay", and "Non-stop Walking", in honor of the 20th National Congress, to popularize life support technology in the critical care battlefield. In 2022, the Wenzhou ECMO Training Center was established, and it started to carry out ECPR training for county and city hospitals to enhance the emergency medical skills of grassroots medical personnel, aiming to build a high-level emergency treatment platform of pre-hospital, emergency, and in-hospital integration.

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