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Process of Clinic:


How to Make Appointments:

1.Telephone appointment: 114,12580 or 88882121 (8:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday).

2.On-site appointment: Self-service machine, service center,nurse station, doctor's consultation room.

3.Onlineappointment: WWW.51g, the official website of "Wenzhou Central Hospital" .

4.WeChat appointment: Follow the official account wzszxyy of Wenzhou Central Hospital for appointment.

5.Alipay appointment: Follow Wenzhou Central Hospital in the service window.

Create Cards

Create cards for first visit:

① Create cards with your ID cards and top them up at cashier desks, or by Alipay or WeChat.

② Apply for and use electronic social security card and electronic health card for medical treatment directly through the self-service "facial recognition" system.

Confirm Appointments, Wait for Consultation, Receive Medical Treatment

1.Confirm appointments, waitfor consultation through self-service machines,triage desks on related floors, please go to consulting roomsafter being called.

2.If you miss the appointment time, please go to triage desks to re-apply.

Medical FeeDeduction:

1.Medical fees can bedirectly deductedin consulting rooms.

2.If the balance is not enough, please deposit, pay medical feesat self-service machines or cashiers, or pay relevant fees by Alipay or WeChat.

3.You can participate in our medical treatment policy of"paying after diagnosis and treatment" or later payment after medical treatment.

4.If you need invoices, please print them at the cashiers or by invoice printers in multi-functional self-service areas.

Outpatient working hours: 8:00-11:30 13:30-17:00

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