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Designated Hospitals

1. Designated hospital and the main treatment hospital in Wenzhou for treating pneumonia infected by COVID-19

2. The only municipal hospital to independently test the nucleic acid and antibody of workers, patients and attendants

3. Designated hospital for overseas Chinese at the airport

4. Designated hospital for resumption of work and schooling

5. Designated hospital for COVID-19 tests before incarceration

Rank “top” among many appraisal activities

Praised by Che Jun, then secretary of Provincial Party Committee, and Chen Weijun, then member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Municipal Party Committee

Achievements Obtained

1. The first patient cured and discharged from the hospital in Zhejiang Province

2. The first critically ill patient discharged from the hospital in Zhejiang Province

3. The hospital to cure the oldest patient in Wenzhou

4. The hospital to cure the first patient requiring CRRT treatment in Wenzhou

5. The hospital to cure the heaviest patient in Wenzhou

6. Zero death rate, and success rates of treatment rank the first in Zhejiang Province

7. The hospital to discover the first patient in Zhejiang Province

8. The hospital tohave received and cured the most confirmed patientsin Wenzhou

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