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Time:2023/8/7 9:34:30

Department of Neurosurgery is capable of performing various craniocerebral trauma surgeries, resections of meningiomas and gliomas in brains; skull basemicrosurgery such as resections of transsphenoidalpituitaryadenomas, and cranial-nasal communicating tumors, etc. It performs stereotactic intracerebral abscess and hematoma suction, brain biopsy, as well as endoscopicthirdventriculostomy, and intracranial hematoma removal. γ-knife and conformal radiation therapy are adopted in the aspect of radiation neurology. Interventional diagnostic and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases are carried out in all aspects. The departmenthas the first Siemens all-digital flat-panel DSA machine in Zhejiang, with operational safety reaching the most advanced level nationwide so far.

Adhering to the policy of giving top priority to interventional diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease and regarding comprehensive development as the goal, in addition to completing clinical rescue and treatment of patients, it also undertakes scientific research tasks at all levels, teaching, and popularization of medical knowledge.

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