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Wenzhou Central Hospital Emergency Department was established in 1984, which originally belonged to one of the 15 main emergency departments in Zhejiang Province. After 20 years of unremitting efforts, based on the characteristics of critical care emergency services, it has continued to grow by improving its comprehensive emergency care capabilities. At present, it serves as Wenzhou Emergency Medicine Technical Guidance Center, East China Critical Care Emergency Collaboration Unit, Ministry of Health International Emergency Rescue Center Network Hospital, and China Travel Rescue Center Collaboration Unit. From October 2000, it has taken the lead in the implementation of the acute disease emergency treatment, critical disease rescue (ICU), and integrated management of emergency wards in Zhejiang Province, greatly improving emergency response capacity and the comprehensive strength of critical disease emergency care. In 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, the department was awarded as the advanced department and superior department for three consecutive years, and in 2004, the department was recognized as the key discipline of Wenzhou, which has played an important role in ensuring people's health.

1.Setting of Departments

Emergency Department consists of four major parts: (1) East Hospital Emergency Department; (2) West Hospital Emergency Department; (3) Emergency Ward; (4) ICU.

2.Technical Equipment

All practitioners in the department have been given induction training before going to work; the emergency ward has implemented ward-based management and holistic nursing care; the intensive care unit (ICU) has realized one-to-one 24-hour all-around nursing care. In order to grasp the new developments of emergency medicine at home and abroad, the department constantly sends the key personnel to participate in the training and further training of emergency knowledge. The department is well-equipped with two sets of space laboratory monitoring systems (2 central stations and 18 bedside monitors), four defibrillation pacemakers, four gastric lavage machines, twenty different types of respirators (such as PB840, PB7200 etc.), as well as anesthesia machines; X-ray diagnostic apparatuses, portable arterial blood gas analyzers, and intracranial pressure monitors, etc.

3.Disease Categories of Emergency Treatment

Over the years, Emergency Department has insisted on "patient-centered, quality-oriented" tenet, in the spirit of "rigorous treatment, human-based service", combining experience with theory. Annually, it gives treatment toapproximately 50,000 patients, including about 2,000 critically ill patients, having diagnosed and treated more than 60 kinds of diseases. The acute diseases that have been cured include heart failure, cardiac infarction, cardiac arrhythmia, severe asthma, respiratory failure, acute alimentary tract hemorrhage, etc. A basic framework for rescue process has been formed for various acute poisonings, acute abdominal diseases, biliary disorders, urological acute diseases, multiple traumas, and combined injuries, etc. The success rate of resuscitation in recent years has reached about 95%, especially the rescue success rate for organophosphorus poisoningis more than 97%, reaching the nationwide leading level.

Over the years, we have carried out thrombolytic therapyfor early acute myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and pulmonary embolism, etc. Meanwhile, the diagnosis and treatment technologies such as blood perfusion, plasma exchange, emergency gastroscopy, tracheoscopy, andestablishment and maintenance of artificial airwayhave been applied, which have saved the lives of a lot of critically ill patients in a timely manner.

4. Focusing on Scientific Research Simultaneously

For several years, the whole department focuses on clinical research simultaneously, and has undertaken six projects of Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Commission and five projects of Wenzhou Municipal Health Bureau. While being busy with work, the related personnel constantly summarize work experiences and put them into words, which have been published as medical papers on national and provincial journals for many times. They have also participated in the writing of two monographs, and organized the writing of two monographs such as "Establishment and Maintenance of Artificial Airway" and "Neurological Critical Illness Monitoring and Treatment", with a total of 1.2 million words, which were published by the People's Military Medical Press.

Emergency Department is the window of the hospital, reflectingprofessional level, service quality, management level and comprehensive scheduling capability.The service quality of Emergency Department directly affect the social image of the hospital. It is advocated by the department thateveryone does everythingwell every day and make all-out efforts to fulfill his or her duty. All the medical staff of Emergency Department will, as always, train to be more qualified, expand market shares; improve personal quality, and foster external image". Adhering to the goal of"convenience, timeliness and high quality", Emergency Department strives to provide better emergency medical services for Wenzhou citizens.

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