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Wenzhou Central Hospital was selected as one of the first batch National Pilot Units for Standardized Treatment of Thyroid Cancers.

Time:2023/5/10 16:47:46

Recently, National Cancer Center issued a document that National Thyroid Cancer Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment Pilot Unit Construction Project declared by Surgical Oncology Department of Wenzhou Central Hospital has been officially declared to be successful, and Wenzhou Central Hospital has been included in the list of the first batch of standardized diagnosis and treatment pilot units of thyroid cancers in China.

It is known that National Cancer Center has finally determined the first 50 pilot units in China based on the all-round evaluation of various hospitals on the various aspectsof thyroid cancersfrom diagnosis to treatment, in which Wenzhou Central Hospital is listed. This shows that the diagnosis and treatment level and standardization of Surgical Oncology of Wenzhou Central Hospital in thyroid cancers have been recognized by the National Cancer Center, and the diagnosis and treatment level of Surgical Oncology in thyroid cancer has reached the national advanced level.

Surgical Oncology Department of Wenzhou Central Hospital is one of the pioneering units in clinical and scientific research of oncological diseases in Wenzhou, which is a key discipline in Wenzhou, mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of heads and necks, thyroid tumors, breast tumors and gastrointestinal tract tumors. Head and Neck Thyroid Surgery Department is mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of heads and necks, thyroid tumors, breast tumors and gastrointestinal tumors. The main diseases of Head and Neck Thyroid Surgery Department include benign and malignant tumors of thyroid gland, hyperparathyroidism, and neck swelling, etc. The department is equipped with international advanced high-frequency ultrasonography, endoscopic thyroid surgical equipment, laryngeal recurrent nerve monitor, etc. The surgeries carried out at present mainly include lobectomy of thyroid gland, thyroidectomy, thyroid carcinoma radical operation, lateral cervical lymph node dissection, selective cervical lymph node dissection, parathyroidectomy, endoscopic thyroidectomy (transaxillary, trans-thoracic breast approach), etc. Various types of thyroid cancer surgeries can be carried out to meet the conditions and needs of different patients.

Thyroid cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in Wenzhou. According to the data of Wenzhou Cancer Spectrum Report 2022, thyroid cancer ranks the 2nd in the incidence rate of malignant tumors in the city, the 1st in the incidence rate of female malignant tumors, and the 5th in the incidence rate of male malignant tumors.


This shows that standardized diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer is very important. Surgical Oncology Department integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research, relying on the strong comprehensive strength, large-scale capital investment and advanced medical technology support of Wenzhou Central Hospital, and has complete means of diagnosis and treatment for thyroid cancers. We have a complete team of ultrasound diagnosis, radiology diagnosis, pathological diagnosis, nuclear medicine and endocrinology diagnosis and treatment, so that we can accurately and comprehensively evaluate the condition and formulate a standardized treatment plan. Good therapeutic effects of thyroid cancersare attributed to the close cooperation of all related departments and standardized precise treatment means.

Schematic Diagram of Thyroid Anatomy


In recent years, Surgical Oncology Department has taken the lead in carrying out scarless endoscopic thyroid surgery of the necks with various accesses in Wenzhou, which allows patients to cure their illnesses and meet the cosmetic requirements at the same time, thus being highly favored by the majority of patients. The Department also holds continuing education classes on endoscopic thyroid surgery, and promotes the experience of endoscopic thyroid surgery of Wenzhou Central Hospital to all levels of hospitals in the city, which has won unanimous praise in Wenzhou.

EndoscopicThyroid Surgery Performed by Director Yan Yuxiang's Team

Unscarred Neck after EndoscopicThyroid Surgery

Yan Yuxiang, Director of Surgical Oncology Department, said that the thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment team will seize the opportunity of entering the first batch of standardized diagnosis and treatment pilot units of thyroid cancers to uphold fairnessfor innovation, continuously strengthen the construction of the discipline, and further improve the technical level and service ability, and commit to creating a diagnosis and treatment center of thyroid diseases in Wenzhou, better serve the people in Wenzhou and the neighboring regions, and work hard to realize the goal of "Healthy China 2030".

Writer:Surgical Oncology DepartmentYe Yang

Reviewer:Yan Yuxiang

Editor:Liu Yue  Chen Xiang

Executive Editor:Hu Xiangyue Qiu Yinghui Chen Huanxiao

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